Upper back pain may be less frequent than lower back pain, but it still is a source of major discomfort for many people. Approximately 1 in 5 women and 1 in ten men in the US suffer from this type of pain. This type of pain is even more frequent among people over 40 years old. In this article, we will explain how chiropractic for upper back pain works and why you should try it.

What Are the Causes of Upper Back Pain?

The upper back is the area between the shoulders and the lower ribs, including the area called by doctors the thoracic spine. It is a large area consisting of muscles, tendons and more the half of the entire length o the spine. Thus, there is a high potential of injury, either by sudden trauma or by overuse.

The most frequent causes of upper back pain are:

•    Poor posture (including the so-called text neck)

•    Falling on your back

•    Car accident or sports injury

•    Repetitive lifting movements.

Every patient experiences upper back pain differently. For some, it is a sharp pain between the shoulder blades. For others, it is a constant dull pain, draining them of energy and the ability to enjoy life to the full.

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When Do You Need Chiropractic for Upper Back Pain?

Of course, not all types of upper back pain mean that you have to see a chiropractor. After a certain age, we all feel a little discomfort after lifting something very heavy. Maybe you didn’t have a comfortable seat at the theatre and you experience tension in the shoulder muscles. These kinds of pain tend to go away by themselves in a short while.

However, if upper back pain is a constant companion, you should address it. This is called chronic pain – the result of long term injury or wear and tear. It will not go away by ignoring it, taking painkillers or applying topical ointments.

Chiropractic for upper back pain is a safe, effective and non-invasive way of finding relief and solving the underlying problem.

How Does Chiropractic for Upper Back Pain Work?

When you go to your first chiropractic appointment, the specialist will start with a physical examination. Years of training and experience will allow the chiropractor to identify the cause of your pain – from inflammation of the muscles or tendons to spine misalignments.

Thus, chiropractic for upper back pain is a personalized treatment which targets the precise injured area. However, the most frequent types of chiropractic technique for this kind of pain are:

The Diversified Technique

This chiropractic technique involves fast thrusting movements with the hand to realign the joints in the upper back. In general, the chiropractor will not use special tools or equipment.

The purpose of the diversified technique in chiropractic for upper back pain is to:

•    Realign spine vertebrae

•    Fix joint dysfunction

•    Restore mobility.

The Thompson Drop-Table Technique

This technique is frequently used for patients who express a low tolerance to pain and firm manipulations. In this case, chiropractic for upper back pain involves having the patient lie down on a padded platform with a drop mechanism.

The dropping movement is very gentle – about a fraction of an inch at a time.

The Spinal Decompression

Finally, the chiropractor may use a special table to perform spinal decompression – a technique that realigns bulging and slipped discs. The technique involves stretching the spine very gently and carefully. As a result, the discs will slip back into their natural position, and the fluids passing through the spine will resume their flow.

Chiropractic for upper back pain works, is safe, and will help you find relief in a non-invasive manner. We encourage you to search our online directory for a chiropractor near you and book your first appointment!

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