The worst part about these syndromes is conventional medicine has very few solutions to offer. In this blog, we will touch on things that we have talked about in the past and we will also share some information that "a trusted alternative care practitioner" shared with us at lunch the other day that many of you may find helpful. 

Upper Cervical Care and Vestibular Disorders: 

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Our office takes care of up to 10 cases of vestibular disease a month. Most are desperate seekers who are not going to accept," you will have to learn to live with it and manage with these medications" from their doctors and are searching for off-the-beaten-path solutions to their problems. 

It is well documented that the vestibular centers are located in the brainstem which directly controls the inner ear information from the semicircular canals, hair cells, and other structures that are involved with balance. In our offices, we find that the large majority of people who suffer from vestibular disorders suffered from whiplash-type trauma in the past. Most of the patients are unaware that a neck injury can affect them many years after the incident. 

When someone has a whiplash-type trauma they can suffer from what is called an atlas subluxation complex. This is complex describes a condition where the top vertebra in the neck misaligns structurally out of its normal position, causes tears in the supporting soft tissues(ligaments, joint capsule, and deep layers of muscles), and becomes locked from its normal position causing irritation to the central nervous system. 

More specifically the brainstem. When this occurs a neurological chain reaction happens in the body that over time can cause a whole host of health problems including vestibular disorders. Our office has taken care of over 7000 people and it has become abundantly clear that not only is this problem ubiquitous but a large majority of sufferers receive relief from Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical Care is completely unknown to the public. Dr. Michael Burcon in Grand Rapids Michigan has shown that most Meniere's disease is caused by this atlas subluxation complex.  Dr. Brucon speaks throughout the world at Meneires conferences, which are largely medical doctors, to present his findings on how the Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex in most cases is the root cause of Meniere's. 

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