Do you feel a sudden pain in your face like an electric shock? Or do you experience constant dull pain, which leaves you drained and unable to enjoy life and perform your work and other activities to your full potential? You are most certainly suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, a rare condition that affects 12 out of 100,000 across the US. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of chiropractic for trigeminal neuralgia, one of the most effective ways of managing this condition.

What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

This painful and debilitating condition is caused by the trigeminal nerve. It is the fifth cranial nerve and it branches out in all directions, covering most of your head and face: the scalp, the cheeks, the jaws, and the nose.

There are actually two types of trigeminal neuralgia. Type I is the most severe condition, causing intense burning pain, similar to an electric shock. Type II causes dull, constant pain. However, both types of trigeminal neuralgia represent a major disabling factor for people living with this condition. They report feeling depleted of energy and unable to enjoy life and have a positive outlook on the future.

In your own experience, you never know when the next trigeminal neuralgia attack will happen. You are not sure what triggers it, and neither does your doctor.

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Can Chiropractic Cure Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Unfortunately, there is no definite cure for your condition. There is no magic manipulation or adjustment that will solve the issue affecting your trigeminal nerve. However, if you choose chiropractic for trigeminal neuralgia, you can definitely improve your quality of life.

The patients who rely on their chiropractor to manage this condition are happy with the results. And we will discuss them here in order to give you the reasons you need to try this form of therapy.

Benefits of Chiropractic for Trigeminal Neuralgia

In chiropractors’ and patients’ experience, this type of treatment can help:

1. Keep Pain under Control

Patients who choose chiropractic manipulations to alleviate trigeminal neuralgia say that they experience long periods of time free of pain. Both type I and type II respond well to the chiropractor’s treatment.

The reason for this is that any condition of the nerves is usually made worse by small misalignments of the spine. The trigeminal nerve is close to the cervical spine (the portion of the spine that runs through your neck). Due to constant pain and stress, many patients suffer from muscle tension or local inflammation, which cause very small misalignments in the position of the vertebrae and the discs.

Chiropractic for trigeminal neuralgia resolves these misalignments, thus reducing the intensity of pain an the frequency of pain attacks.

2. Manage the Condition in a Safe and Non-Invasive Manner

Allopath medicine knows one way of helping patients with trigeminal neuralgia: giving them pills to dull the pain. However, these pills are not safe – they can cause problems to the digestive system or the liver (Paracetamol intoxication is particularly dangerous to this organ).

Moreover, the patient may need increasingly higher doses – up to really unsafe levels – over the years in order to manage pain.

Chiropractic for trigeminal neuralgia does not attempt to dull pain, but eliminate its cause. And the type of therapy involved is entirely natural and non-invasive. The chiropractor’s manipulations are calculated to achieve the desired effect without causing pain and discomfort to the patient.

3. Solve Other Health Problems

When the neurological system does not work properly due to spine misalignments, it may cause a wide range of health problem. However, as you are battling such a painful condition as trigeminal neuralgia, you may not be aware of the others, such as: slow digestion, a few spells of vertigo, periods of tinnitus (ringing) in the ear or the sensation of pins and needles in the arms and legs.

However, you will note the absence of these unpleasant symptoms after you start chiropractic for trigeminal neuralgia. And this means that you have an improved physical and mental health, allowing you to focus on the positive things in life.

Chiropractic for trigeminal neuralgia can help you regain control over your life and enjoy it to the full. If you suffer from this condition, find a chiropractor near you in our online directory and book an initial appointment!

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