Upper Cervical Spinal Misalignments Can Cause ChronicSinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis problems have many causes. Those who sufferfind that this common condition interferes with truly living lifeto its fullest.  Like most conditions, there is a spectrum tothe intensity of the condition. Over 500,00 Americansget sinus surgery each year. With that said here is a listof symptoms that often are associated with chronic sinusproblems:

Whole-body: fatigue, fever, or malaise 

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Facial: tenderness or swelling

Also common: sinus pressure, headache, inflammation of theear, mouth breathing, phlegm, pus, sleeping difficulty, or throatirritation 

Sinus conditions won't kill you but they will make your lifemiserable. We would first like to mention common medical sinustreatments. Then we will discuss what can be one underlying causeof chronic sinus trouble and what you can do to heal from itnaturally.

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