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Torticollis, TMJ, Vertigo, Headaches, and cognitive fog areother symptoms that many times are associated with chronic neckpain. In Los Angeles, our neck pain specialist practices alittle-known, non-invasive health care procedure called Upper CervicalCare. 

Most chronic neck problems result from injury.  Injuriesdamage the soft tissue that gives the joints in the neck stability.Once the joints lose their normal motion there is a cascade ofeffects that follow.  

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Muscles become tight, the range of motion in the neck decreases,and a positive feedback loop of health issues usually ensue. Motion in the upper neck joints is vital to proper nervoussystem function.  When the neck muscles become tight there areseveral mechanisms that occur that lead to interference to bodyhealth.

Myo-dural Bridge And Its Effects On Neck Pain andHealth

About a decade ago, after hundreds of years of anatomicalinvestigation, a new anatomical finding was recognized in the neck. A small muscle that connects to the head and the back part ofthe second vertebra in the neck was found to have a piece ofconnective tissue that attaches to the spinal cord covering. The covering is known as the dura mater. The dura issheath-like in its construction and full of sensitive nerveendings. 

How does this related to the other symptoms that often areassociated with chronic neck pain? There are several studies thatsuggest that tight sub-occipital muscles at the base of the skullhave an adverse effect on the spinal cord and its function. (2) The modular bridge has been related to headaches. It is alsonot out of the question that this mechanism is the underlying causeof a host of other chronic health conditions.  Because it is afairly new finding not a lot of research has been conducted on itseffects on human health.

Upper Cervical Care - What is it?

Our offices in Los Angeles have taken care of more than 8000patients over the past 15 years. We surveyed a percentage of ourpatients in 2015 and the biggest benefit by the percentage thatpatients experienced was pain relief.  Followed by improvedsleep and better mood.

Upper Cervical Care is a unique health discipline that uses thebest of science(digital X-ray, thermography, and objective testing)coupled with compassion for patients that are suffering. Listen toa few of our patient's testimonials: Whiplash and ChronicPain, Neck Pain-Chronic Fatigue, andPost Concussion Syndromeand Pain

The goal of the Upper Cervical is to correct structuralmisalignments in the neck so the central nervous system canfunction at its best.  An Upper Cervical Doctor runs objectivetests to determine if and where you have spinal trouble.

Once located precise x-rays are taken to image the joints of theneck.  This allows the doctor to measure the angle and size ofthe misalignment at the joint. Once this information is compiled itis used to make a precise gentle correction. 

The correction does not involve any popping, twisting, orcracking.  Follow-up care is necessary to monitor whether theinterference to the spinal cord has returned or not. If thecorrection is "holding" nothing is done. If the test indicates thenerve irritation has returned another correction is made. 

The goal of Upper Cervical Care is to allow the body to recoverstrength in the soft tissue so the joints can function withoutlocking and subsequent irritation to thenerve system remains clear. Nature needs no help just nointerference! 

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