Over the decades, chiropractic care has become increasingly popular among people who believe that there must be an alternative to painkillers and surgeries. They do not want to live in pain anymore, they want to heal injuries and various conditions, but in a safe and non-invasive manner.

For them, the chiropractor is the best ally in fighting various limiting and debilitating symptoms that prevent them from living life to the full. Many of them were skeptical at the beginning. However, over the course of treatment, they noticed continuous improvements to their condition. They realized that chiropractic care is just as efficient as Western medicine. It is not about tricking patients into believing they are cured. It is an actual cure, which works in a different way: instead of numbing the body to pain signals, it solves the cause generating the pain.

What Are the Most Frequent Complaints of Chiropractic Patients?

In this article, we want to show you how widespread chiropractic care is for a range of conditions and injuries. This is by no means a top of conditions treated by a chiropractor.
It is merely an illustration of the most frequent complaints of patients who come to us seeking relief from pain and other symptoms.

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1. Back Pain

Acute or chronic back pain can be extremely debilitating. It is usually situated in the lower back (where a person’s center of gravity is) and affects both active people and those who work all day long in an office, sitting down in front of the computer.

Chiropractic care for back pain is differentiated depending on the root cause of the pain:
• Muscle strain due to effort
• Poor posture
• Slipped disc
• Trauma (after a car accident).

The chiropractor seeks to understand why the patient suffers from back pain and then devises a chiropractic care plan that is 100% tailored to the patient’s needs.

2. Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by strained muscles or ligaments, pinched nerves or misalignment of the cervical spine vertebrae. It is often accompanied by apparently unrelated symptoms, such as facial palsy or tinnitus (ringing in ears).

The patients are surprise to see that, after several sessions of the chiropractic care plan, they start feeling better in ways that exceed the neck pain. This is the proof that everything in your body is interconnected. And this is also the proof that the chiropractic approach is effective for a wide range of conditions, beyond the neck and spine.

3. Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries after a car accident or a sports accident. It is caused by the violent jerking movement of the head and neck backwards and forwards. The neck muscles usually are strained and the patient also suffers from symptoms such as:
• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Muscle spasms.

Chiropractic care aims to reduce tension and inflammation in the neck, allowing the area to heal in a natural way, without taking pain medication. Also, many patients are usually involved in personal injury lawsuits during the treatment, so the chiropractor’s treatment notes and progress report is usually needed in court to prove the extent and cause of the injuries.

4. Sports Injuries

Professional athletes can rely on chiropractic care to solve several unpleasant conditions triggered by intense and repetitive physical effort, such as:
• Tennis elbow
• Compartment syndrome
• Plantar fasciitis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome.

For them, pain medication is not a solution, because many substances in NSAIDs would show up in a drug test. Also, using the RICE method (rest, ice, compress, elevate) carries the risk of scar tissue formation, which would compromise their future athletic performances.

5. Spine Problems

Sciatica and scoliosis are two painful conditions, which also affect the patient’s self-esteem. These are conditions that visibly change a person’s posture and affect almost all the internal organs. Sufferers have breathing or digestive problems, caused by the shift in their rib cage.

With chiropractic care, patients can relieve pain and other symptoms, as well as correct their posture in a safe, non-invasive manner. However, for severe spine curvatures, any chiropractor will refer a patient to a specialized clinic, for X-rays and, if necessary, surgery.

Chiropractic care has very few contraindications and can help you feel better and solve various health problems. We encourage you to search for “chiropractor near me” in our online registry and book your first appointment!

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