Working out, exercising, training – we all say it differently, but we mean the same thing: different types of physical activity to stay fit, slim, and healthy. Being active, either by running, practicing sports or going to the gym, is extremely beneficial for everyone, younger or older. However, some people are really pushing themselves too far and end up getting injured. In this article, top chiropractors explain the risks of exercising too hard.

Can You Work Out Too Much?

You hear it everywhere: you must push your limits, get out of your comfort zone, and train harder. Up to a point, this is good advice. When you first start exercising, you get tired quickly, because your muscles are not used to doing so much effort.

Yet, even professional athletes know that every body has a limit. Assisted by coaches, they know just how long and hard to train to achieve top performance without the risk of injury. People who work out on their own do not have the benefit of a personal coach – except at a gym, where you have to pay extra for personalized training routines.

Following online training guides and their own instincts (which are not always accurate), many people end up needing chiropractic care for various injuries, including chronic pain and spine misalignments. This is why many chiropractors explain the risks of exercising too hard in detail.

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How Do You Recognize the Signs of Working Out Too Hard?

Feeling tired after a training session or a long jogging route is normal. However, the following symptoms indicate that you are pushing yourself too far and you need to slow down:

1. You Experience Constant Muscle Soreness

When you start working out, muscle soreness is a good sign. You are building muscles and they become stronger and more flexible. However, if you continue to experience soreness in the muscles on a constant basis, and for days after your workout routine, this is not a good sign.

Your muscles suffer from overuse and are actually developing micro-tears that make them less strong and more vulnerable to injury (including compartment syndrome in the legs, a very serious condition).

2. You Are Fatigued for Days

When chiropractors explain the risks of exercising too hard to patients, they usually start with this symptom. Done right, exercising should refresh and energize you. If, instead, you feel drained of energy after your workout sessions, your body is telling you that you are exercising too much.

Resilience to effort is built over time. And even though you train constantly, there comes a moment when you reach peak performance and you cannot push your body any further. With the help of an experienced chiropractor, you can understand how your body works and what its limits are.

3.  Increased or Decreased Appetite

Another risk of over-exercising is a significant change in your appetite. Some people feel that they are never sated, even after a full meal. Others find themselves eating less and less. None of these issues is normal or healthy for you.

In time, the appetite problems will create further imbalances in your body. As any chiropractor can tell you, this leads to further health issues, because everything in our bodies is connected. You may become prone to injuries and develop digestive problems. All these can be prevented by knowing just how much to exercise.

4. You Start Suffering from Insomnia

When chiropractors explain the risks of exercising too hard, they place a special importance on this symptom. Lack of sleep over a long period of time can lead to life threatening health problems, including heart conditions.

A workout session done correctly should actually help you sleep better, not worse.

5. Weakened Immune System

Finally, when chiropractors explain the risks of exercising too hard, they focus on the dangers of developing immunity problems. Stress from over-exercising can destroy the entire balance within your body, making your immune system slower in reacting to infections.

Chiropractic can help everyone lead a healthier and more active life. If you feel that exercising is doing you more damage than good, you are probably working out too hard. Find a chiropractor near you in our online directory and book your first appointment now!

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