Close to 40 million adults in U.S. experience anxiety or anxiety-related disorders throughout the year. Though they are considered to be highly treatable disorders, most individuals suffering from anxiety seek no treatment, electing to weather the effects on their own. Anxiety is common in the general population, increasing in prevalence within our world today.

Anxiety is the most common of all mental disorders. Studies have found that four out of ten people experience an anxiety disorder at some stage in their lives, while one in ten are living with an anxiety disorder at any given time.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, the likelihood of you suffering anxiety increases. Related to the nervous system and structure of your body, your body alignment can have direct effects on your mental health and well being.

Upper Cervical Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Why are spinal injuries and anxiety related?

Spinal injuries are traumatic for people. As a result of an accident, slip, fall, injuring your spine is completely debilitating and painful. That means that you are going to experience some post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms if you’re living with a spinal injury. Considered to be a form of anxiety, post-traumatic stress can totally shelter and hinder life, as you know it. It can be directly linked to upper spine injuries.

When you injure your upper spine, your body does not function as well as it did prior to the injury. Your upper cervical spine and other spinal segments are what keep your body standing upright and working properly. If something has happened to that upper neck region it can have long-term health consequences to your body. That loss of health can convert into fear and anxiousness that can predispose you to develop an anxiety disorder.


Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is a perfectly normal response when confronted with danger, threat, or fear. Often referred to as a flight or fight response, it is a mechanism we all have to protect ourselves from impending dangerous and threatening situations. Mild amounts of anxiety are normal and even healthy for you. Anxiety is supposed to dissipate when the threat has passed. However, the more we allow ourselves to slip into an anxious mindset, the longer your anxiety spells will become. This means you can experience anxiety multiple times per day.

If you’ve experienced any kind of car crash or injury, little things can trigger your anxiety and PTSD.

Anxiety is a real and life-altering experience. It’s important to address both the anxiety and the upper spine injury at the same time, seeking therapy and mental support plus upper cervical chiropractic services that will monitor your spinal healing progress. The two go hand-in-hand. Be sure to pay them equal attention as you work to remediate the anxiety in your life.

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  1. I have cervical spinal stenosis (as an M.R.I. showed), but it didn’t come from any accident etc. but from age, as one spinal surgeon told me. I suffer too from anxiety disorder, and now I see from here that stenosis and anxiety are connected. I am seeing a pain specialist soon, as every morning I suffer unbearable burning hands which seems to go to my brain and prevents me from getting up after sleeping. I’m not sure what causes it, whether 1) the Stenosis, 2) my carpal tunnel (which surgery only healed 59%, 3) anxiety, or 4) a mixture.


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