Fortunately, new studies have shown that upper cervical care, practiced by upper cervical chiropractors, can be an effective treatment strategy with long-lasting results for chronic pain sufferers.

People often live with mild to severe pain spells, limiting their ability to enjoy a normal, fruitful life with the people who mean the most to them. Chronic pain can totally change a person, harming their ability to feel happiness due to the constant mind-numbing challenges that are coming from their own bodies. Whether it’s widespread pain, aching muscles, inability to sleep, or severe fatigue, men and women plagued by pain  are left searching for answers anywhere they can find them.


Upper Cervical Chiropractors

Upper cervical chiropractors use a gentle, non-invasive technique that assesses and corrects the relationship between the cervical spine- skull and its influence on the central nervous system. Two recent studies have shown the validity of this treatment and how it can be incredibly effective for individuals struggling to maintain normalcy in their lives despite the pain.

Migraine Sufferers benefit from Chiropractic Treatment

The first study, conducted in Egypt, focused on individuals living with severe spine pain that prohibited their movement. These individuals underwent care from upper cervical chiropractors, with adjustments in addition to cognitive behavioral therapy. At one year after the study, these people reported a reduction of their back pain, as well as the improvement of sleep, energy, and anxiety levels they used to deal with.


In the second study, reported by Fox News, Italian upper cervical chiropractors found that the adjustments helped improve function in multiple areas in patients with chronic venous cerebral-spine insufficiency, as well as multiple sclerosis, after just 6-weeks of care.


Upper Cervical Care

Through the manipulation of the upper cervical area, upper cervical chiropractors are able to correct body imbalances in order to relieve stress on the spine and nervous system, helping patients to maintain the correction for extended periods of time. Additionally, working with an upper cervical chiropractor can also enhance the patient’s understanding of their personal pain, and how spinal care aids in maintaining the correction through preventing future problems.

Scoliosis Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment

If you suspect that you are in need of upper cervical chiropractic support, you may be suffering from: severe fatigue and sleep disturbances, digestive distress, profuse sweating, and muscle pain. Sometimes referred to as fibromyalgia, doctors are still unsure what can bring on such intense chronic pain without any warning. Upper Cervical Chiropractors regularly work with people who have chronic pain conditions. While upper cervical chiropractors don’t treat the pain directly, by correcting spinal cord irritation and allowing the body to function better, oftentimes the body can correct the underlying cause of pain. If you or a loved one has chronic pain syndrome contact and aupper cervical chirorpactor today. It just might change your life!


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