Everyone has experienced a headache in his or her life. Some of us experience headaches more than others, aware of their debilitating nature, striking fear into our hearts as a mind-numbing pain takes over our heads. Although we know a lot more now than we did 20-years ago regarding the causes of headaches and how to remediate their occurrence, it’s impossible to prevent headaches from happening altogether.



Headaches are symptoms of pain anywhere in the region of the head or the neck. Headaches can occur in migraines, tension-type headaches, or cluster headaches. Frequent headaches can affect one’s happiness, emotions, mental stability, performance, and sleep cycles, causing major mental damage as a result of the pain over and over again. There is also an increased risk of depression in those that suffer from chronic, severe headaches.

Sensory Disorder Treated by Chiropractic Doctors

The most well recognized cause of headaches, according to the International Headache Society, is fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress, medication effects, recreational drug effects, loud noises, viral infections, head injury, dehydration, rapid ingestion of a very cold beverage, or dental and sinus-related issues. Typically, individuals living with headaches reach for pain medication to keep them in check. However, given that 1.6 billion people suffer from tension headaches every single year, it’s safe to say pain medications aren’t getting to the root of these painful occurrences.


Since our neck, spine, and skull alignment is delicate in nature, it’s easy to throw one critical piece off balance. From the misalignment, chronic headaches can easily occur, making the inception of headaches something that can be assessed by chiropractic treatment.


Chiropractic Treatment for Neck and Head Pain Relief

Your head, neck, and spine are critically intertwined. The vertebrae of your neck, known as the cervical spine, support the weight of your head and all its motions. When your neck bones are not positioned properly, the result is tightening of the muscles and irritation of the nerves that connect with your head. This kind of problem can cause chronic headaches with no end in sight.

Skull and Upper Cervical Care Spine Alignment

Chiropractic treatment comes in, looks at each region individually as well as comprehensively, aware that lower to upper spinal injuries can actually be the causes of the headaches. After analyzing each region, X-rays are taken to really hone in on what has slipped out of place and is causing the acute pain. After identifying the problem, chiropractors can gently massage and work with the discs and vertebrae to ensure after many visits, you are on the mend.


It’s easier than you may think to offset your spinal system today. Simply falling, straining your neck, or being involved in a fender bender is enough to be causing these headaches. Instead of trying to self-diagnose, consider consulting a chiropractor today regarding your headache pain.


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