Should you suffer with cervical spine pain, your physician is most likely the very first person who you think to turn to for assistance. You see them get corrected, then get back into your vehicle to drive home just to see that your pain is back. Does that sound familiar? The way you are sitting in your vehicle may be contributing to a cervical spine pain and distress. Driving can produce the pain at the cervical spine worse, resulting in chronic pain. If you push for long intervals, you might find this to become a much larger problem as it puts a great deal of tension and strain on your neck. Here are a couple pointers that will help you learn how to sit down in your vehicle in a manner that will not undo all your (and your chiropractors) difficult work!

Memory Foam Pillows and the Upper Cervical Spine


There is an ideal way and a wrong way to sit down in the seat of your vehicle. The appropriate way to do it would be to sit far back in the chair as possible, along with up your buttocks against the rear of the chair. Your shoulders should be touching also. If you’re able to correct the lumbar for assistance, be certain that you make the most of it. Otherwise, fill the distance between the lower curve of the back and the chair using a rolled-up towel or T-shirt.

New Hope for Pain Sufferers with Upper Cervical Care

Distance to the Steering Wheel

make sure that your chair is at a position where you can readily reach the bottoms of the vehicle along with your knees slightly flexed about 120 degrees. If your leg is directly or too near some 90-degree angle, then you have to correct your position to become nearer or further away.

The steering wheel needs to be close to put your hands in the right place while your arms are slightly flexed. When it’s too near, this can place you in danger if the airbag is deployed through a crash. Obviously, you also don’t wish to be far away from the wheel that you are straining to reach it. The wheel has to be in an angle where your hands are a bit lower than your shoulders.

Vertebral Artery, the Neck and the Neck Manipulation

Tilt the Chair

Your chair ought to be tilted so that your leg from knee to hip feels relaxed when your foot is on the gas or brake pedals. It should not feel like it is pressing to the back of your leg just providing light support.

The best way to drive has a large effect on your spinal health and total wellbeing also, so be certain that you’re doing everything you want to so as to encourage a wholesome way of life!


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