Nowadays, overweight and obesity are much more common conditions than expected. The statistics say that more than 155 million Americans who are older than 20 years of age are diagnosed with one of these conditions, and the numbers increase alarmingly every day.

Maybe you are one of those persons, and you know from your own experience that losing weight, even a few pounds, can become a very difficult challenge, especially when it comes to controlling your appetite. And the challenge does not finish there, because once you have lost those extra pounds, it is very difficult to maintain the new weight for a long time.

Now you understand why in the last years the experts in weight loss are working on treatments that help to suppress the appetite, thus facilitating compliance with more restrictive food plans for more time. A perfect sample of this kind of pills is phentermine, a treatment with an increasing success.

But, what is Phentermine?

Experts in Phentermine Atlanta say that it is an amphetamine-like medication with the ability to suppress appetite, in other terms, it is an anorectic. As it helps to decrease the sensation of hunger, you will not feel the need to eat at any time and you will feel full with the right portion of food for you.

How does Phentermine help lose weight?

Phentermine stimulates the release of different brain chemicals related to the appetite, so you feel full, you eat less and you keep satisfied between meals. Phentermine Atlanta is pretty similar to amphetamine, it acts over a brain receptor which stimuli the release of different neurochemicals, such as norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin (the last two to a lesser extent).

Those hormones act over the hunger center (lateral hypothalamic nucleus, arcuate nucleus, and ventromedial nucleus of hypothalamus) and reduce the hunger sensation by generating the feeling of fullness.

As if this were not enough, Phentermine Atlanta also helps your body to lose the excess of fat tissues by reducing the absorption of things like starch and fat. Finally, noradrenaline and adrenaline also increase lipolysis (fat degradation process) through the induction to death of the cells’ present in fat deposits, which will help you reduce measures where you need it most.

What should I know about weight loss Atlanta Phentermine?

It is normal that you have a lot of questions before undergoing a weight loss Atlanta phentermine plan, and although we will try to answer the most frequent ones, you must talk to your family doctor about this treatment.

The first thing you must know is the fact that, to obtain the best results, you must undergo a Phentermine Atlanta weight loss plan only under prescription. The specialist who prescribes this medication can recommend you to take it alone or in combination with other substances that will help you to lose more weight according to your particular needs and concomitant diseases.

Although many people use this type of medication as a way to lose weight quickly without a proper prescription or an expert’s supervision, you must know that, by doing this, those people do not get all the benefits that they could, and on the contrary, they can develop many side effects.

Another fact that you must remember is that weight loss Atlanta phentermine is not a medication for cosmetic uses, it mustn’t be used if you only want to lose some pounds to look better. This is because Phentermine is only recommended for people with a BMI higher than expected for their height.

Finally, you must know that weight loss Atlanta phentermine plan can be contraindicated for people with certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure, certain heart diseases, thyroid gland alterations, pregnancy and breastfeeding, glaucoma, among others.

How must I take Phentermine?

Although the weight loss Atlanta Phentermine plan will be established by your doctor according to your needs, the experts usually recommend taking a pill once a day, preferably in the morning because it might interfere with your sleep because of its stimulating effect.

Many experts recommend taking it at the same hour, so you can use an alarm or some other method that helps you remember it. But, if your doctor establishes a different schedule for you, you must follow the instructions carefully.

You must never exceed the recommended dose of Phentermine because instead of enhancing its effects, it may trigger the development of severe secondary effects. Although there are different presentations of Phentermine Atlanta, you must try to swallow the entire capsule, specially the time-release capsules, to avoid taking an incorrect dose.

The usual duration of the weight loss Atlanta phentermine treatment is 3 to 6 weeks and, only if the doctor indicates otherwise, you mustn’t take it for more than 6 weeks.

Does phentermine help lose weight without secondary effects?

Phentermine Atlanta is considered a pretty safe treatment to lose weight but, like any other medicine, it is not free from risks. Among the most common side effects, dizziness, nervousness, dry mouth, increased blood pressure, sleeplessness and constipation can be included.

Finally, although it is very infrequent, phentermine can trigger an addiction-like syndrome (because of its similarity to amphetamines). Therefore, it is sold only under prescription.

So, remember that although it is an excellent plan to lose weight, only a highly qualified professional can help you to determine if it is a proper treatment for you, if you can include it in a specific dietary plan or if it does not have interactions with other medical treatments.


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