Many people do not know that the most common of pediatric conditions could be treated by chiropractic. Instead of medicine, children can undergo a chiropractic treatment as a safe and all natural alternative; it does not cause pain and comes with no side effects. Instead, chiropractic uses the power of the body to help heal the body. 

Medicine will mask symptoms and do not help the cause of the problem. It is important to listen to the body as symptoms are there to tell you when something is wrong. So, instead of ignoring these symptoms, chiropractic treatments help your body treat the actual cause and provide benefit to common pediatric conditions.

Common Chiropractic Pediatric Conditions

The most common chiropractic pediatric conditions we will be going over are conditions that have been successfully treated by chiropractic alone without the need of harmful medicine. These are also cervical pediatric conditions (conditions that are highly affected by the neckline passage). After adjustments are made for children under a chiropractic treatment, their bodies start responding by fighting the following conditions successfully:

Asthma Chiropractic Treatment

Asthma is another common pediatric condition amongst children. There is a high possibility you may know someone who suffers from asthma or a difficulty in breathing. Breathing complications usually arise from allergies, stress, pollen or pollution and could become life-threatening. 

As we breathe in air, it is the body’s innate ability to filter, purify, clean, warm and humidify the air before it enters our lungs. All of this happens with the guidance of your nervous system and once the nervous system is interrupted it can make battling against this condition straining on the body. The chiropractic treatment for this pediatric condition helps the body regulate the breathing process and open airways by fixing subluxations that cause the nervous system interference and alignment problems in the ribcage and spine. When the thoracic spine is misaligned or is unable to move through its full range of motion, it can stop the lungs from fully expanding during inhalation.

Ear Infection Chiropractic Treatment

Ear infections fall into cervical pediatric conditions, conditions that are affected by the neckline passage, and can appear very suddenly with little warning, usually at night. To counter an ear infection, the most common treatments chosen are antibiotics, decongestants and tympanostomy (tubes inserted in the ears). If this infection is caused by a virus then antibiotics will not be beneficial. Instead, antibiotics can have adverse side effects and will prevent the body from having a strong immune system. In addition, tubes inserted into the ears only help temporarily and do not correct the actual cause of this common pediatric condition.

Children are at higher risk of getting an ear infection than an adult because of their weaker immune system. Adenoids, which are made up of immune system cells, are small pads of tissue located in the back of the nose, above the throat and around the eustachian tubes. Their purpose is to fight off infection by trapping bacteria that enters through the mouth. If the child has a subluxation, this can cause the immune system cells difficulty in fighting ear infection. When a chiropractor corrects the subluxations, the immune system can work at its optimal level to battle this common pediatric condition.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Chiropractic Treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common pediatric conditions developed in children in preschool or early school years. A child who has ADHD may find it hard to stay focused, sit still and have self-control. When a child goes through this pediatric condition, medication is normally prescribed. The medicine options for ADHD though can bring about some troubling symptoms, such as: rebound, delayed growth, problems sleeping, tics, mood swings, headaches, weight loss and a few others. Sometimes these are corrected by changing doses or switching medications, which could bring about other side effects.

A chiropractic treatment for ADHD is all natural and safe for children. There are studies and case reports showcasing improved behaviors and symptoms of children with this common pediatric condition who go under a chiropractic treatment. With regular adjustments, children will be able to have proper nerve flow that will in turn affect their behavior and performance at school. Many chiropractors have a proven track record of successfully treating symptoms of ADHD and other learning disabilities. This is a cervical pediatric condition that develops when the brain and central nervous system suffer impairments related to growth and development and adjustments are meant to help correct the nervous system and keep the neck (cervical) and spine aligned.

Pediatric Conditions That Affect Sensory Processing

Sensory processing is when a person has trouble handling information their senses take in, such as sound, taste, sight, touch and smell. Children with sensory processing issues will experience either too much or too little through their senses and could have difficulty understanding this information. Chiropractic is effective to children with neurodevelopmental disorders and would be helpful to pediatric conditions that affect sensory processing.

Children who have autism, ADHD and OCD are very likely to have sensory issues, but sensory issues do have a chance of occurring in children without any other diagnosis. Subluxations themselves could lead to sensory processing issues. Chiropractic has seen great results in helping patients with autism, ADHD and OCD as the adjustments help free stress off of the body’s nervous system and improve the body’s communication.

Chiropractic Indicators for High Acuity Pediatric Conditions

Chiropractors are highly trained and will use quality equipment to look at the neck and spine. Sometimes when a subluxation is present, there are symptoms that may come with it such as neck pain, headaches, dizziness/balance issues, muscle spasms, tightness, weakness, joint pain, numbness/tingling, low energy, reduced mobility and more. These are usually picked up by the chiropractor during a patients’ checkup.

Subluxations will create disease in the body as they decrease the body’s ability to adapt and function at its optimal potential. Over time, it can cause a chain reaction of other health issues if left untreated. Depending on the child’s condition, subluxation symptoms can give off chiropractic indicators for high acuity pediatric conditions.


Overall, chiropractic adjustments can provide children experiencing common pediatric conditions with a safe alternative. If you have a child who is diagnosed with a common pediatric condition, it is recommended to try an all-natural treatment first before relying on medication that could do more harm than good. Most common pediatric conditions can heal on their own after only a few adjustments.