Right now, 29.1 million people in the United States are living with Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, 8.1 million more people are living with the condition, but have no idea of their diagnosis. Close to 1.4 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in the U.S. every single year. The incidence of Type 2 Diabetes specifically is at an all-time high – and is expected to increase over the next few decades.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a multi-system disease characterized by persistently increased blood sugar. It can result in acute and chronic issues related to mobility, headaches, and neuroskeletal problems. Type 2 Diabetes specifically is the most common form of the disease, exhibiting complications related to musculoskeletal issues. It’s a chronic, long-term condition that affects many people, weakening their musculoskeletal system, preventing them from living the quality of life they deserve.

Mobility is a major concern for those living with Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetic subjects are more likely to use a mobility aid than those without it.  As a result, it makes a case for upper cervical chiropractic treatment and support, helping those living with the disease to live a better quality of life.

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Where Does Upper Cervical Chiropractic Support Fit Into The Picture?

The link between upper cervical chiropractors and successful diabetes treatment has earned nationwide attention, showing that chiropractic support is an effective addition to medical treatments that control blood sugar levels and spikes in diabetics.

Upper Cervical chiropractic care works with the top bones in the neck and the brain-stem. By keeping the spine aligned the body functions at its best. Upper cervical chiropractic support looks at the whole person and has the goal of reducing interferences to central nervous system function. If the upper cervical spine has been injured and misaligned any part of the body including the pancreas can malfunction.  Upper Cervical Chiropractors may also refer you to natural practitioners that specialize in nutrition, and exercise to compliment your natural healing.

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Pancreatic Blood Flow

Additionally, upper cervical chiropractic care is helpful relating to the spine and the blood flow to the pancreas. The pancreas releases insulin in the body, which is necessary to regulate proper levels of glucose in the blood. If the pancreas is not receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs to regulate blood flow, this contributes to thwarted insulin production. Alleviating pressure on the brain stem through precise upper cervical corrections can affect the pancreas through increased blood flow and nerve supply.

Recent studies have shown that individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes who pursued proper nutrition, engaged in daily exercise, and receiving continuous upper cervical chiropractic treatment, were able to stabilize their glucose levels and regulate their quality of life without invasive surgeries or harmful medications.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a non-invasive approach to increasing the bodies natural healing and function. Many patients that have undergone upper cervical care have reported that their type 2 diabetes has improved or remitted. If you or someone you know suffers from type 2 diabetes along with medical management, upper cervical care can be instrumental in managing and healing this condition.


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